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To download an image with the tool from DockerHub: $ docker pull loadimpact/postman-to-k6 Usage. To convert an exported collection to a k6 script: $ postman-to-k6 collection.json -o k6-script.js Then run the script in k6, as usual, using: $ k6 run k6-script.js postman-to-k6 - Converts Postman collections to k6 script code #opensource. Written in Go this is a clone of the AWS SQS/SNS systems. This system is designed to emulate SQS and SNS in a local environment so developers can test their interfaces without having to connect to the AWS Cloud and possibly incurring the expense, or even worse actually write to production topics/queues by mistake. We would like to improve the workflow for users of Postman collections (v2.x) that want to load test their APIs using k6, provide an even better onboarding experience to k6 (and in extension Load Impact), by extending the postman-to-k6 converter to take the following Postman collection features into account in the conversion process. It basically runs k6 on your machine using 10 virtual users over the course of 30 seconds, and it checks to see if the test URL returns 200 in all tests.

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K6 postman

Postman Beginner's Course - API Testing Postman has over 10 million users worldwide. Performance Testing with Cypress, Lighthouse and k6 company providing an open-source tool (k6 OSS) and SaaS product (k6 Cloud) in the performance testing space.

K6 postman

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K6 postman

I used the "Postman to LoadImpact converter" to generate the k6 script but it isn't doing any help. K6 helps you to automate Load tests that simulate real-world users as closely as possible.

The tool is also available for usage in Docker.
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k6 is a modern load testing tool, building on Load Impact's years of experience in the load and performance testing industry. It provides a clean, approachable scripting API, local and cloud execution, flexible configuration, with command & control through CLI or a REST API. In the era of DevTestOps and Shift-Left Testing, k6 has integrated with leading application programming interface, like Postman and Swagger. I already have a postman collection file which does this by running pre-request script. The pre-request script will request token from the authorization server and then populates the token in the environment variable. I used the "Postman to LoadImpact converter" to generate the k6 script but it isn't doing any help. K6 helps you to automate Load tests that simulate real-world users as closely as possible. Goal-based load testing - You will be able to automate test which covers performance and functional goals like what level is a response time not acceptable, and/or what is an acceptable failure rate loadimpact/postman-to-k6 is an open source project licensed under Apache License 2.0 which is an OSI approved license.